The Next Generation in Video Game Systems

The Next Generation in Computer game Systems

It’s been a long time considering that individuals have seen a new video gaming console in the market. Many people have been crazy about Sony’s PlayStation 2, about Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube.

Nevertheless, this was about 5 or 6 years back. Now, people are expecting the next generation in computer game systems that assert to change the method individuals see computer game consoles. With the most recent technology incorporated in the brand-new line of video game consoles, many individuals are anticipating the release of the new video gaming console of the 3 large companies.

Right here is a glance of what you can expect with the next generation gaming console that are still being expected by lots of gaming fans all over the world.

Here are the different upcoming and extremely expected video gaming consoles and their specs:

Sony PlayStation 3

Sony PlayStation 3 will be released on November of 2006 and declares to make use of Blu-ray discs as its media format. The Blu-ray disc can holding six times as much information than today’s DVDs. With this type of function, it will certainly open brand-new doors for game developers to develop brand-new and better quality games.

For graphics, Sony PlayStation 3 will be using the RSX (Fact synthesizer) which was based on Nvidia technology. Sony Claims that the Graphics Processing Unit or GPU incorporated in the PlayStation is capable of 128bit pixel reduction and 1080p resolution. The RSX will likewise can displaying much better graphics with 512MB memory and is also capable of shader operations and 51 billion dot items per second.

Microsoft Xbox

It is a reality that the appearance of this new console is really appealing. But, exactly what’s more important is what you will certainly find under the shell. Microsoft also established a remarkable video gaming system that can take on the next generation of video gaming systems. The Microsoft Xbox 360 will be integrated with an IBM PowerPC-based CPU that runs as quickly as 3.2 GHz and over half a gigabyte of RAM.

The Xbox 360 will certainly also contain among the best graphics technology ever made by ATI that can sophisticated antialiasing and shader effects. Exactly what this indicates is that it will have 720p and 1080i large screen hd TELEVISION. These features will certainly double the resolution of the initial Xbox that maxed out just at 480p. This new game system established by Microsoft will also support approximately four wireless controls.

Nintendo Revolution (renamed as Nintendo Wii).

Nintendo is also one of the video gaming consoles that are currently developing among the most expected gaming systems by gaming fans. Nintendo claims to launch a video game system called the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Wii is incorporated with PowerPC CPU Broadway produced by IBM and has a 90nm SOI CMOS process. A controller that appears like a routine TELEVISION remote control will include movement sensors that will be useful to upcoming Wii video games, such as Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and Red Steel. This technology wases initially of its kind in the gaming console world and is also being anticipated by a lot of people.

Nintendo Wii will certainly be incorporated with an ATI graphics card and a RAM memory as high as 512 MB. It will certainly also showcase wireless controllers, 2 USB ports and a built-in antenna for WiFi internet gain access to. However, it will not support HD output however with a 480p progressive scan and large screen friendly mode, it will certainly still basically look good on HDTV.

Wii will certainly also have a backward compatibility function, which means that it will be able to support formerly developed Nintendo games, even old games from NES, Super NES, and GameCube.

Nintendo Wii likewise stated that their system will be able to gain access to and browse the web and will also allow you to access other Wii channels that you will certainly entertain you.

These are the 3 extremely anticipated computer game systems that claim to change the way people see computer game consoles. With these features, you’ll really never ever understand what new gaming console will certainly appear in the near future.

So, if you would like to know more about these new generation video game systems, you need to wait for the upcoming release and attempt it out in shops near you.

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